We are delighted you’ve stopped by the Burnsville Seventh-day Adventist Church website. We hold Christian worship services on Saturday. The Burnsville SDA Church is focused on connections. Connection with God, connection with one another, and connection with our community. We would love to connect with you.



Our connection with God allows us to get to KNOW Him, His love for us, and attain the highest level of knowledge; love between God and man. God communicates this knowledge to us in many ways, especially through Jesus Christ, the Bible, and His amazing creation.


Our connection with our faith community allows us to grow naturally in love, in knowledge, and in service. Like the early church, we desire to continue steadfastly in the apostle’s doctrine, and fellowship, in breaking of bread and in prayers… and like the early church, we want to grow.


Our connection, as we learn and grow, prepares and encourages us to go to our community in active service. Therefore, we are a church focusing on others; desiring to get out into our community to love, serve, and share. We do not want to keep the Good News to ourselves.


Wherever you are on the spectrum of connection from getting to know God personally, to growing in community, to actively serving, please connect with us. We would love to have you just as you are.


In Person

Bible Study     Saturday at 9:20 AM

Worship Service     Saturday at 10:55 AM


 Mid-Week Bible Study     Tuesday at 6:30 PM


             Sunday 12:10-12:25  WKYK 940 AM Burnsville “Biblical Perspectives” With Pastor Couser

        Sunday 12:15-12:30  WTOE 1470 AM Spruce Pine “Biblical Perspectives” With Pastor Couser

Saturday 2:00-2:30 WHBK 1460 AM, 95.9 Marshall “Hope for You” with Dan Olson